Friday, January 9

How would you classify this event?

All Facts:

1) I'm in the process of doing the final move of my objects from Ocean City to Philadelphia.
2) I disassembled my coffee table a while back whem my roommate moved in to make room for hers.
3) I finally threw out my coffee table.
4) Yesterday I was in my Ocean City house grabbing a few boxes after work.
5) There was mail on the coffee table...and that's when I realized, the coffee table I disassembled and threw out is now assembled in my living room

How you would interpret this one? P.S. My roommate has already moved out and has been back once...AFTER the coffee table was gone.

Monday, January 5

We have a winner!

The calendar's randomly chosen winner was Mrs. Mommyy! Congrats and thank you for participating in my drawing.

Here's the press release from Postcardmania about the calendar. My image is sideways on the press release, but it isn't in the calendar haha. I find that a little amusing. They said that they were going to fix it, but it's not a big deal. As long as the calendar is ok then we're ok!

Stay Tuned for the next giveaway....I'm not sure what it will be yet, but I just got 15 new cavases so stay tuned in my etsy store! I'm excited. Pictured in my newest listing, a seahorse. There were quite a few of you saying seahorses, so this is a good start. :)

Til Next Time! - Leigh