Friday, October 31

Maxwell, Slingluff, and Safaei @ Studio 27.28

6-9 pm. With Music Provided by Brian Reese on Banjo from 8:30-10. Come see the gallery, we made a lot of changes. And of course, come for the art :)

November 1st Opening

November 1st Opening Info

Thursday, October 30

Featured Seller - CleanRinse

It's been a while since I've updated anything, I was away for 2 weeks and there's an opening coming up for the gallery. There's a lot to be said, but not yet! Today is featured seller day!

Just as a reminder, I'm featuring one Etsy seller each week. That caught my fancy. This week is CleanRinse. I'm not sure how I came across this shop, but I recently bought a sample packet of the laundry detergent. I went with the recommended Lavendar-Sage oil scent. WOW! And as a little perk, they sent me a sample of dishwasher detergent. Although, I don't have one, I'm going to share the love and give it my mom to test out.

Great smelling detergent, and it's all chemical free. On top of it, my clothes feel softer. I am definitely an advocate of this product. And they have a special right now, buy 2 samples get one free! Try it!

Here's some words from CleanRinse about their detergent:
We are pleased to bring you a handmade laundry soap that is free of chemicals, harsh fragrances, and safe for you, your family, your pets and the planet.

Clean Rinse Laundry Detergent is
* 100% natural ingredients
* Free of chemicals, toxins, and perfumes
* Environmentally safe, even for grey water
* Contains no petro chemicals or petroleum products
* Vegetarian

With the laundry detergent, we recommend using plain white vinegar in your rinse compartment instead of fabric softener!

Your detergent can be lightly scented with any of the following oils (single scents or combined), or left unscented.


Til Next time - Leigh

Thursday, October 9

Featured Seller of the Week

Welcome to Babytopia. I recently found this adorable shop while browsing on Etsy.

Pictured is their Little Legs. They range from $8-$10. Very reasonably priced especially for keeping your child warm and stylish! Please make sure to look around her shop on etsy. She's got some amazing HANDMADE products. Crayon holders too!!

Here's what Babytopia has to say about these "Little Legs":
These leg warmers are so adorable, and I'm having so much fun making them! They are such a great accessory for your little one, especially when it gets cold outside, but they have so many more uses!

Layer them under pants for extra warmth, protect little knees as your little one learns to crawl, wear them alone for easy diaper changes (especially those groggy night time ones)! They can even be used for potty training or as a simple fashion statement - on arms or legs! The options are endless! They will outlast any other article in your baby's wardrobe because they can be worn through toddler-hood and beyond!

Each pair measures approximately 14.5" long, plenty big enough to last your little one for years to come! What uses will you come up with for them?

Let me know what you think of them! Til next Thursday, enjoy this featured shop from Etsy! - Leigh

Wednesday, October 8

Je parle un peu le francais

"I speak a little French"

This is the phrase I keep saying over and over so that I don't forget it when I go to France. Somehow, I keep forgetting the un peu part. It's the middle section. That's usually the hardest part of anything to learn/remember.

Je parle un peu le francias. And the other is Parle-vous anglais? It's all in a book that I bought....color coded and all, but I'm afraid I'm going to forget and won't be able to find it in the book. It's more of a phrase book and a dictionary. It's cool, HOPEFULLY, it works for me.

Cherie and I will be thrown into the French Culture as soon as we get there. We're going to do a whirlwind tour of Paris, then fly out the next day to our final destination Evian. YEP, where the water is bottled. COOOOOL. Not sure what the plan is past that...but it'll be good. And I'm taking both of my memory cards so that I can take tons of photos. I'm nervous, anxious, and excited all in one breath. Je parle un peu le francais. It's helping to type it out.

Maybe I should start writing down all the phrases I want to remember over and over. Like I did in French class. I took 5 years of French. So that will help with pronouncing things a LITTLE better than the average American. Although, I remember le bibliotechique. I think the spelling is wrong, but that's a library. I will hopefully be updating everyone about the trip while I"m out there...and post a photo or two.

The France update....not until next week unless I want to babble about how little I know. Til then! - Leigh

Tuesday, October 7

It's Official

I work from home. Today was the first day of working from home. It's really weird.

Rachel said she has some article on how to stay motivated. I thought I would be ok, but it's easy to get distracted. Especially when you're working off of a laptop that doesn't have all of the programs you need and then a desktop on a coffee table that can't connect to the internet.

I'm getting an awesome desk, but that's not for another 2 weeks or so. AND i have no idea why the desktop can't connect to the internet. It's wireless.......oh well. 1st Day was an overall success.

I will take a photo of my workspace and post later haha....but for now, here's a photo of our cat Maiden keeping me company while I work.

Monday, October 6

Harvest Opening

The Gallery had our 5th opening this past Saturday night.

Harvest. Our Skateboard Show!

Here's a few pics from the night. Thanks for everyone that came out. Even though Bruce Springsteen was playing and the Phillies had a "clincher" of a game, the art supporters still came out. So thank you! And Hopefully we'll see you November 1st.

Thursday, October 2

Art Mentor of Sorts

So, my niece Macey is getting into art.

And I told her that I would help her out. Mainly so that she keeps creating but I wanted to sell some of her artwork on the site I sell mine. Etsy. I think it's pretty cool but they allow kids under 18 to sell work as long as they have an adult overseeing them.

I JUST made a Macey section in my shop.....and now, we wait for Macey to give me some artwork to post. While we're waiting, here's a pic of Macey and her Mom, Renee. :)