Sunday, June 21

The Greenest City in America

This is a follow up to my last post, more or less to give you better stats on Philadelphia's initiative to be green.

"The Greenest City in America.
That’s the ambitious goal that Mayor Michael A. Nutter has set for Philadelphia."

You can read the entire plan as well as see a little video. They show horseback riding..and yes, I have seen that with my own eyes here on Girard. Very out of place looking. The video is pretty cool!

Tuesday, June 16

The Good Stuff

So, it's been entirely way too long since I've blogged. I think it's time to start up again. Maybe once a week so that I'm not bogged down like I am with the rest of life!

Ever since I've moved to the city, Philadelphia that is, I slowly started realizing how "uneducated" I was when it came to organic and local "good stuff". Or maybe naive is a better word. I just didn't pay attention to it before. Sure I knew organic was better but I didn't really know why....and buying local. Maybe I would.

Now, it almost seems impossible for me not to buy organic at the grocery stores. Unless I go to a chain that was in S. Jersey up here. Organic is priced so much higher in those chains or you have to go to a specialty grocery store to get anything organic. I'm really shocked at the options we have here in the city. Along with that, I believe the city has a plan to increase tree coverings and "go green". I never heard of S. Jersey doing anything like that.

There's a free mag that I picked up at Whole Foods, Grid, and just reading the editor's note is inspiring to do better things for the world. Even if it's just one thing that I do, that is passed on to someone else. (Funny Jonathan said basically the same thing a week ago that the editor says here.) "We might not bike across country, but we might bike to work. We might not start a farm, but we might do a little gardening, and buy more food from local farmers. And we might not start an education center in our neighborhood, but we might talk to our friends and family about what we're learning."

So with that said, I'm sharing what I'm learning. I try to buy at the local farm markets, or buy organic. We don't have a dishwasher, so I'm turning off the water while I'm scrubbing things. (thanks to Jonathan on that one.) And I've also started taking public transportation. More so out of necessity, but it makes more sense to do so. I'm not patting myself on the back, just telling you what I'm learning and I hope that whomever reads this might get an idea to do something different.

P.S. The gallery is moving in less than a month, and it's being gutted out. The cool thing about the company who is doing this, they reuse as much as possible from the gutting process. Refinishing old floors etc. And with our name change, we have a new website but you can still get there from the old one.