Wednesday, February 3

Why is art important?

There are many galleries throughout the world and I'm sure most people like browsing the artwork. But why is it important to me, you, and society? Simply put the arts play a large role in shaping the way communities, large and small, communicate about ciritcal issues.
 Art is a way to express visions that are beyond what we can express with words. The government funded program, from 35'-43', employed artists to help recover the economy after the Great Depression. The WPA Poster Division employed hundreds of artists and craftspeople to create millions of posters to promote New Deal programs, affordable housing, workplace safety, cultural and arts events, healthy living, and tourism. The program employed workers not only creating the art on the posters, but thousands to print and hang them.

What a massive role the artists played even in recent history! Knowledge of the arts is an indispensable foundation for enlightenment in our complicated world.

Here's what Seattle's Mayor Greg Nickels stated talking with Jeffrey Hirsh of Encore Magazine: "When you are trying to attract top talent, one of the things people look for is a vibrant, dynamic city. That includes the arts and cultural life of the city. The arts in Seattle make it easier to get people to come here to contribute their talents to our city. And it certainly helps in terms of the bottom line: tourist and people who live here contribute dollars to our economy by participating in the arts. That helps me to balance my budget and provide for the arts and for many other important services."
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