Monday, September 29

"Last Day"

Today is my last day of office the office. I'll be living an hour away from work and doing almost everything virtually. Pretty exciting and it says something that they want to keep me on board. What a relief!

3 days of guaranteed work, and now to find other freelance jobs. But back to today, hopefully it'll go really fast. I have a pile of things to mail out, and to file....from the boss. Not sure why they waited until today for me to do all of this. Oh well. Today should be good.

Soon, I'll be working from my home office. That's going to be weird. I think this blog, and Jonathan are going to be the only two things that keep me sane. Although, as I typed that I realized that was a completely bogus statement. I have art, I have friends, I found a yoga studio!, I'll be doing graphic design...all of that one top of getting organized. I'll have plenty to keep me sane.

Anyway - I guess I should get to work. haha. Til next time - Leigh

Sunday, September 28

October's First Saturday

As some of you know, Jonathan and I opened up an art gallery in June. We now have openings every first Saturday. Old City, in Philadelphia, does first Fridays. We knew we couldn't compete with that since it's over an hours walk, and about a 15 minute drive...I think it is anyway.

Jonathan books the shows. He's doing a great job at getting in artists that have never shown in Philly. We're the new venue that shows any type of genre. If you're a skater, an old skater, or a skater fan this is the show to attend.

We're showing artwork from skaters who defined skating. Although I pretend to be a skater with my long board, I'm terrible haha. And I never really knew the "history" of skating. Most of these guys have videos, which I'm sure you can find on youtube. "Get Excited" as Rachel from Rachel's Thread would say.

P.S. I designed the postcard. :)

Thursday, September 25

Today is the first of it's kind....a featured Etsy Store! I've decided to feature a store every Thursday. There are so many extremely talented people on etsy, and this was my only way to show them off to you!

This week is the store Leelinau. I found her by chance, she was looking for help resizing a banner. I helped her out and then looked at her store and couldn't resist buying a pair of her earrings!

I think I should have been smiling in the photo cause I am really happy to own these earrings.

From the Etsy Shop owner of Leelinau:

My name is Adina Cain and I run a shop on Etsy called "Leelinau." I'm an enrolled member of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. I grew up in Milwaukee and stayed on the reservation couple of summers in my youth. I create and sell my art, which is based upon the traditions of my culture. Anyhow, I started out as a beader. My gramma let me bead with her when I was little, and I got into it again when I was about 19. I got so many requests for my work I started selling it at Powwows all over Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. I actually had a Brick & Mortar shop in 1994 and 1995 called Woodlands & Prairies. Then I was introduced to the internet and I've never looked back. Now I sell my art on Etsy, even though I started on Ebay in 1998. I LOVE Etsy. Truly, its such a supportive, active, creative community.You meet the most wonderful people like Leigh! ^_^

Wednesday, September 24

The Green Magazine

Last night was an exciting new venue. The Green Magazine hosted a golf outting and then had an art show (me and another artist, Serena Saunders) along with dinner, a raffle, and a great band.

I have to say this company knows what it's doing and were so nice. Jonathan and I "got lost". A few wrong turns, not too far out of the way, but we thought we were lost and we were only one or two lights from our next turn. Which is kind of funny. (now)

When I got there I was informed I had to do a little presentation of myself and my artwork. I had a little mini-anxiety attack but then I was told it was to be short and internally I had a sign of relief! It was odd giving a little presentation. Never though I would be in that sort of position. But the sponsor Axa Equity is big on art, I was told, so that was why they wanted us to talk a little bit. Other than the drive there, the night was great and thanks again to The Green Magazine, Jawn (who organized the event), Axa Equity, and all of the workers at Huntingdon Valley Golf Club.

I didn't bring my camera, so here's an ad for the night. Hopefully I'll get my hands on some photos later, they had a photographer walking around who was equally as excited about the night. Til next time - Artistically Yours, Leigh

Saturday, September 20

Etsy on

Read the Article Here. I'm not sure how long CNN keeps their articles online. But this is cool. Here's the beginning of the article:

A crafty way to beat the chain stores
By Mark TuttonFor CNN

LONDON, England (CNN) --
We've become used to a world where what we buy is determined by what products are stocked by a handful of chain stores, but there are signs that may be changing. The future could be one of thriving cottage industries and skilled artisans lovingly producing custom-made wares.

That's the vision of Etsy, a U.S.-based Web site that describes itself as "an online crafts fair." But unlike your local Sunday-morning market, Etsy's crafts fair has some 200,000 stall holders, who have this year sold just under $50 million-worth of their homemade goods.

The site was conceived and launched in 2005 by Rob Kalin, a carpenter, among other things, who was looking for somewhere to sell his work online. At the time, the only real outlet was eBay, but Kalin was looking for something different, something that would provide a place for small-time artisans to sell their creations.

Don't forget, I'm selling my artwork on there. - Leigh

Friday, September 19

Scribbles Book GIVEAWAY

The book that my dad and I wrote will be featured as a giveaway on this blog: I also wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to be a part of their wonderful blog.

Please visit their blog and participate! From what I understand, they do quite a few giveaways so be sure to check back after this one is over. I took some new pictures yesterday for the giveaway. Here's one:

And if you're not a winner, you can always pick one up at your local ETSY store. Here's a direct link to the book:

Thanks for reading!

The Art of Looking Like Yourself

  • I'm listed on The Little Black Boxes directory. I'm at almost a laughable spot, but's something and it didn't cost me a dime. (35 lines down.) Although, It was my "fault", I responded after the others did. 1st come 1st serve. I'm not complaining! I'm also happy to be associated with so many other great etsy shops! Here's the directory:
  • The Scribbles Book is going to have a give away...starting today on another blog, thanks to another etsy shop! (more to be updated later)
  • My shop is also listed on this website of another fellow estian! I'm 4th, it was also a 1st come 1st serve! How giving of other esty shops to promote. Speaking of, I'm going to be starting featuring some awesome shops I found on there.
  • Last but not least, a newsletter is coming up soon! Next week or so. Keep your eyes peeled. (My dad would always say that when we were driving looking for a sign, I always pictured them peeling like bananas. In a non-gross way.)
Here's my "thoughts" for the day.

This is from the book "The Art of Imperfection"

As I said before it's a cute little book, it's also fun and endearing. I don't use the word endearing too often, but for some reason I thought this fits this book. It's just a little book to boost your confidence and embrace who you are and where you are in life.

This excerpt is from the section "The Art of Looking Like Yourself".
p28 The best beauty product is to have a life. A real life. With challenges, disappointments, stress, and laughter.

So, let this be your reminder to be yourself!


Thursday, September 18

The Art of Being Silly

So I have this fun little book titled "The Art of Imperfection"

This morning I decided I would open up to a page and the 1st sentance I would write something about. It was the chapter "The Art of Being Silly" and the 1st paragraph reads:

Silly is the woman who feels a thrill each time she breaks open a fortune cookie.

The funny thing is, I had fortune cookies I just took pictures of on my phone. The top ones I ever opened. I admit, I'm a silly person and that little things in life thrill me. So, although I don't have much to write about on this subject (only b/c I'm working..and tired.) Here's a picture of the best fortune I ever opened.

And please....tell me what it means! hahaha. (I had to take it in two pictures, with my phone so bad quality but still funny.)
In case you can't read it, it's: Age can never hope to with you while your heart is young.

Tuesday, September 16

Click It or Ticket

NJ came up with this catchy law "Click It or Ticket"
But, going back into NJ from Philly on the Walt Whitman they misspelled a word. LUCKILY for me, I was in a traffic jam due to a utility truck that had an accident. And because of that I got to snap one of my favorite pictures. (on my phone.)

Jonathan actually teased me because I had it as my background for a while, instead of him or something of "value". It's allll subjective, like art!

Unfortunately, after 3 months of the sign blaring out TICKIT, they realized it was wrong. Now I don't have much to laugh at on my ride to Ocean City.

Here's the sign:

Great isn't it? haha....

Monday, September 15

The Thinker

It's from my phone, but it's still cool....this isn't the original. From what I know, it is in Paris.

Sunday, September 14

Vegan Chinese Restaurants


We (me, Jonathan, Kevin and Alanna) went to Kingdom a vegan (AND Kosher) Chinese Restaurant tonight. Their food is excellent. I'm not a vegan, no one in our group is.. but it's REALLY good food. Some of them you couldn't tell it was fake chicken or beef. Kind of amazing actually.

We went Philly exploring too. Went to "The Thinker" statue, not the original, and ran the "Rocky Stairs" (I'm out of shape!), put our feet in the fountain dedicated to Erickson. I don't think there's a C in his name but...for now there is. It was just a really nice night.

So, if you're ever in Philly, or near it take the night and just experience it for what it is. Don't rush it. Enjoy the moment. Now, once I figure out how to get a picture from my phone on here..I'll post "The Thinker". Stay Tuned.

Friday, September 12

One more of the Beach Photography Shoot

Sunset Photography

Yesterday I did a photo shoot with my brother's family on the beach. (It was actually the bay)
They're a great looking family. Luckily the bugs held off for the most part until the end of the night and they cooked me a great (easy) meal afterwards. I should get a "Will Work For Food" sign. eh, maybe not. Anyway, here's some pics from the shoot!

And for the funniest picture of the night....My brother Joe, the Human Unicorn!

Thursday, September 11

Golf Art Show

Monday someone from The Green Magazine contacted me to do an art show at a golf club. They're a golf magazine targeting affluent African Americans and Hispanics and want to show my dancer series after everyone plays golf.

That's pretty exciting. And they found me through google. (As I said before, the internet is an amazing thing....go ahead make fun of me!) I'm not sure if someone knew of me and told them or they just typed in dancers? Either way, very cool. Although, I just learned that I can only display on a table and not on the walls. That limits me to only one really large painting. I think I can make do...But, it's still going to be interesting. The thing that concerns me the most is someone might knock it over. Maybe I should put a sign up, knock it over, buy it! I'm sure I won't do that though.

Any exposure is good exposure. Maybe this will get me a few more fans and in contact with people who wouldn't normally look for my art. AND Maybe this will get me motivated to do some dancers again. I'm kind of danced out....painting wise. I have to think a little of where I want to take this series. Definitely high energy and exciting colors BUT what now? Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, September 10

Giddy Up

Giddy Up, originally uploaded by Leigh Seddon-Slingluff.

PInchy's going for a ride!

My adopted little hermit crab, Pinchy.

Art Opening at Studio 27.28

September's Opening 09.06.08 (photos by Jonathan Slingluff and Melissa Hassey

The Crowd

The Artist

The Musician

Monday, September 8


To those of you who made it to the opening at Studio 27.28 this past Saturday night, I wanted to thank you! It was down pouring, raining cats and dogs, torrential rain...or whatever you want to call it...BUT we still had a great turn out and met some new friends.

Also, thank you to the artists that participated, Cassandra Warren and Eric de Jesus! The artwork compliments each other better than we could ever planned. And thank you to Carl Franke who provided some bangin' (I had to think of another adjective and that came to mind first) music!

Pictures to follow soon. I just wanted to get a thank you out there before anything! - Leigh

Thursday, September 4

Not Normal....weird

So on my drive from Philly to work today, about an hour, I was listening to mindless radio. Someone mentioned their showering habits, and one guy turns off the water while he's lathering up.

We all have our odd idiosyncrasies, but when does weird become normal and normal become weird? (I had a lot more to say to about this...but a co-worker just started talking to me and I totally lost my train of thought.)

I just posted a new listing on etsy for the hammerhead painting!

I guess that will do for now! Until next time - Leigh

Wednesday, September 3

Baxter the Lobster!

So Baxter's getting some action on Etsy! Here's what someone sent to me about him.

"I wish I could afford Baxter the Lobster but...I just wanted to let you know that he's gorgeous. I have a tattoo of a blue lobster on my foot and really appreciate's a beautiful painting and I hope he goes to a wonderful home!Cheers, xxxx"

I left out the name just incase they don't want it floating around in the internet. :) Also pictured above is Baxter hanging out at the LOL party....and the Rock Band I had. (sort of rock band). You can also visit him here:

Creatively Yours, Leigh

Tuesday, September 2

Labor (Day Weekend)

Although Labor Day is a day off of work....this Labor day Jonathan and I repainted the entire gallery. With a few cutting in exceptions. We did our fair share of labor. It was more a labor of love though.

All of it was in preparation for this weekend. Cassandra Warren from New Hampshire is showing at the gallery. Her art will be there all month, but SHE'LL be there on Sept 6th, from 6-9pm. And along for the ride is Eric De Jesus, fellow artist, and Carl Franke making tunes for us all night. (actually only until 9pm, not all night.)

So needless to say, the gallery is ready for your eyes to be looking in. Oh...and new curtains for the front. Exciting I know. Control Yourself!

Sorry about the photo....the colors are supposed to be tones of brown. I have no idea what happened when I uploaded it. But you get the point!