Sunday, September 27

Good Wood x The Slingluff Gallery


The Good Wood Exhibit is back and will exhibit in Philly this Fall at Slingluff Gallery. There will be a silent auction for the custom decks to benefit a great organization called Stay-True. Nir Sar started Stay True In 2005, as a Philadelphia public school teacher, struck by the utter helplessness his students expressed about the socioeconomic conditions they faced each day. While the students yearned for progress and change, they did not have the information, skills, or confidence needed to become actively engaged in a process of social advancement. These observations have led to the founding of STAY TRUE, an organization truly inspired by those students who, despite their environments, have decided to dedicate their lives to helping others.

So Jonathan Slingluff is more than happy to host the exhibit in his beautiful space so I'll be taking a trip out to Philly next month to make it happen. A few artists involved in the show:

Leo Espinosa / Mike Burdick / Don Kilpatrick / Mike Perry / Plastic Kid / Mike Daines / Justin Ward / Himanshu Sharma / Matt Gordon / Laura Borchert / Chris Reno / Colleen McGinn / Aubrey Stalnaker / Joe Schlaud / Nate Marcy / Jeff Mullin / Vince Troia / and more...

+ an Installation by AJ Fosik. Amazing artist originally from Southeast Michigan, who currently works and resides in Philly. Check him out! Such cool work!

View images of Slingluff Gallery here.

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