Thursday, October 9

Featured Seller of the Week

Welcome to Babytopia. I recently found this adorable shop while browsing on Etsy.

Pictured is their Little Legs. They range from $8-$10. Very reasonably priced especially for keeping your child warm and stylish! Please make sure to look around her shop on etsy. She's got some amazing HANDMADE products. Crayon holders too!!

Here's what Babytopia has to say about these "Little Legs":
These leg warmers are so adorable, and I'm having so much fun making them! They are such a great accessory for your little one, especially when it gets cold outside, but they have so many more uses!

Layer them under pants for extra warmth, protect little knees as your little one learns to crawl, wear them alone for easy diaper changes (especially those groggy night time ones)! They can even be used for potty training or as a simple fashion statement - on arms or legs! The options are endless! They will outlast any other article in your baby's wardrobe because they can be worn through toddler-hood and beyond!

Each pair measures approximately 14.5" long, plenty big enough to last your little one for years to come! What uses will you come up with for them?

Let me know what you think of them! Til next Thursday, enjoy this featured shop from Etsy! - Leigh

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  1. Leigh, Thank you so much for featuring my shop! :)