Tuesday, August 4

August 8th Opening

Peter Oravetz will be at the Gallery August 8th....along with his artwork.

"Since humans aren't perfect, robots will never be perfect either. We can program them to perform tasks perfectly but once a hurdle is present, like a wall placed in their path, everything comes to a halt. I suppose that robots with AI (Artificial Intelligence) will eventually show glorious moments of humanity, especially when they make mistakes. These moments, depicted ‘Robots!’, are truly the purist display of the mimicry of humanity, revealing the curiosity, love, and humor that we as humans hold so dear. My images reflect the robots’ utter stupidity and their wonderfully endearing attributes as they attempt to become human in their own way." - Peter Oravetz

Peter Oravetz, from Pennsylvania graduate from Montserrat College of art in Beverly Massachusetts with honors and a bachelors degree in fine art. The 'Robots!' were born in 2005 and have been slowly developed ever since. He currently devotes his time to his art, family and work at a local live music venue; his aspirations include earning a graduate degree and ultimately teaching.

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