Sunday, August 23

Heavy Rain

Last night was our 1st year anniversary. Crazy how fast time goes!

Jonathan booked a reservation in Media, PA for Iron Hill Brewery. It's about 35 min away, which isn't bad, but then neither of us knew it was supposed to rain. Well, let me rephrase that...down pour! The entire drive was extreme rain. So it took us a little longer to get there. We were really early anyway so it didn't matter.

We get there. We end up parking across the street from the restaurant/brewery, which wasn't far at all. It seemed extremely far though considering as soon as you opened the door you were drenched. So, Jonathan got out of the passenger's side since the river of rain water in the street was pretty deep. I was waiting in the car while he had a smoke. As I was waiting, it just kept raining harder. Which was unbelievable really.

I finally get out and we discussed our plan of attack. We decided it was just as "good" to cross the street in front of us than anywhere else, since we were in the middle of the block and the intersections were probably worse. Jonathan gave me his rain coat because I couldn't find mine and he asked "Ready?" I nodded my head yes. Then he said "1, 2, 3...GO!" He jumps out before me and I saw his shoed foot sink into the rushing river of rain. I jump right in after him and BAM....I lose my sandal. The river tore off my shoe, granted it was a dressy flip flop.

Instead of stopping, I kept running towards the other side of the street. But then I turned back realizing I probably needed my shoe. I started looking for it in the pouring rain, after I screamed across the street to Jonathan. Jonathan came back over, called and canceled our reservation and we were both looking for it now. After 15-20 minute search, I was looking at tires still hoping my shoe would be there. I saw on one tire that there were weeds stuck to it, and I thought that it was weird weeds could get stuck to a tire in this gushing river and my shoe wasn't anywhere to be found. I moved to the next car, about six cars from where I lost my shoe, and looked at the tire again. It looked like the water was moving differently around the front passenger tire than any other tire. I moved in closer and pulled out my shoe! Jonathan was around the corner, I think checking for my shoe in sewer grates, I yelled down to him and he made his way back to me. He couldn't believe I found it.

We walked back to the car sopping wet, and went back home. We changed, made a reservation at The London in Philly, about 10 min from us, and had a wonderful rest of the night. Nice and dry!

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