Saturday, August 23

Every year, I participate in an art show called the Brendan Borek Art Show. It is part of a week long fundraiser for local families in the Cape May County Area that have children with cancer.

The organization was founded because a local family lost their 17 year old son to cancer. He actually went to high school with my brothers. So now, the family is helping other families by giving them food and every day things they might not be able to afford because of the bills.
I personally know a family that they have helped, and I'm sure others in the area do too. Read more here:

Through generous support we have been able to:

  • Pay for travels, food and lodging to hospitals in Philadelphia and beyond for treatment
  • Absorb the costs of airfare and lodging for monthly out-of-state medical check-ups
  • Provide tutoring for children who have learning problems related to their cancer treatments
  • Donate laptop computers to children to keep them in touch with school and friends
  • Make rent, mortgage, car, and auto repair payments as needed
  • Give monthly supermarket certificates for food
  • Provide holiday baskets, gift certificates and Back-to-School shopping certificates for each child in the family
  • Offer emotional support through our social worker and intra-family contacts
  • Give scholarship monies to our children
  • Pay funeral costs when needed

I have decided that my "Into the Depths" series will have 1/2 of the proceeds donated to this Fund for anything sold in the remainder of 2008! I hope that this raises enough money to help support a family in need.

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