Monday, August 25

So - my test on is "successful" so far. The Scribbles book just hit 100 views! and that's with minimal advertising. I know that a lot of the shops on there advertise EVERYWHERE. I'm more or less hoping that it gives people who can't go to my shows a chance to see more, and if they really want, to purchase a painting. (or book, or print, or postcards.)

Etsy is a great site with a lot of talented people handmaking their products!I did add a little view my store box to my website, on the original paintings page. It's definitely more of an experiment than anything. And so far I'm happy with it! If you haven't been to my "store" yet. Go to

I also updated my website with Studio 27.28 info. For those of you who didn't know, Jonathan and I recently opened an art gallery located at 2728 Girard Ave, Philadelphia PA. Crazy huh? Well I would have never done this without him. He's got a lot of experience and talent and he really knows what he's doing.

To keep up on shows visit the Studio 27.28 page on my website, as well as the blog. AND ADD US Thanks for reading! Creatively Yours, - Leigh

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