Thursday, December 4

Featured Shop of the Week - Edith and Lulu

When you think of buttons what do you think of? More than likely a button up shirt, a jacket with buttons and possibly jeans. Well this week's featured shop will change your ideas on buttons, and move it from function to fashion. Edith and Lulu

This store transforms buttons in to earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. All at affordable prices too. She also likes to use vintage buttons. Pictured is a pair that really caught my eye. Circles and Squares

Here's a little from "Edith and Lulu":
Well, I'm named neither Edith, nor Lulu. I just love the names and I think that together they fit my jewelry well. I found the names in a list of popular names from the 20s, 30s and 40s. Edith and Lulu jewelry is a little bit vintage, a little bit contemporary, a little demure and sometimes, a little wild. By the way, I named my pet Bearded Dragons Edith and Lulu also. Lulu turned out to be Louie, or Big Lou.

What is with all the buttons? I've been collecting buttons for years. I have so many and my challenge is to use them to make beautiful things. The buttons I use are found, recycled, vintage, collectible and sometimes new. Everywhere I go I look for buttons.

Don't forget to check out Edith and Lulu's Shop HERE


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