Monday, December 15

Newsletter: Issue 12

Sometimes I don’t feel like a real artist. My mind doesn’t always come up with new and exciting things, I say the wrong words or can’t think of what to say, and I’m very business oriented in my other “work” worlds, mainly marketing.

Painting is what I love and I’m lucky enough to do that some of the time in the 24 hour days. It’s normally only for an hour here and an hour there. I’m ready to jump into it more, but right now the world is not allowing me to. The world meaning, I need another job to sustain my art career.

Most artists do what they have to do to make art. Find a job here, and there, anywhere. Others stumble upon something that will allow them to paint more than work. There’s also the group that dreamed of making art “one day”, and now they’re sitting in an office, maybe a cubicle still dreaming that they once put themselves into the art world and actually made a career out of it. And then there’s that other group, the ones that are sitting comfortably in their office chair, only thinking about their job and not dreaming of anything else. Obviously, not everyone is the same, and I’m not putting anyone down for their decisions but it’s true, there are a lot of people that stop making art just because of a job.

So where do I fall into that scheme? I’m not totally sure. I’m not in the last group, mainly because when I had an office job I wasn’t comfortable. Some days were good, but most of the time I just wanted to get out and paint more and more. Now that I’m working from home, only 1/3 of the week, what am I doing with my time? Well…I just ran out of canvases after a terrible creative block. That’s a good sign…but now what?

What art am I doing that makes me a real artist? I’m doing something I love, I know that much. When I sell a painting, I think about how many more supplies I can buy…not I need to make more money. So maybe I am a true artist after all. Watching videos of artists or reading an article in an art zine, it makes me feel like there’s so much more to know, to say, and to paint. That’s good, art influencing art. That’s how it should be.

I hope that one day I’ll be an inspiration to other artists, whether I know it or not. Sure it would be cool to know who and when and where, but ….that’s ok. I can live with knowing that someone influenced me and I can possibly inspire others to keep creating, and learning. The term artist is a broad term when you look at the whole picture. It’s a tall order to live up to and I think that’s why I question if I’m a true artist or not. One day, and one painting at a time. Someday it’ll sink in that I’m an artist.


What's New:
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  1. You are definitely an artist! This link is an incredible important gift to all who believe in creativity. Keep up the good work. We are so proud of you Leigh!

    Aunt Karen