Wednesday, December 3

LOL Party #2

Last night was Leigh on Location (LOL), and we had quite the showing.
Tons of food, alot of talking, and I think everyone bought something for themselves.

Rachel's Thread was the sponsor of this party! Here is her display. Impressive to say the least.

And to add to the excitement, our newest entrepreneur had a little display selling
"Hooray for Crochet". It was a hit!

The Gallery will have some stuff from both Rachel's Thread, and Hooray for Crochet.

Rachel told me that her and Andrea decided that the wine color I used for the background was intoxicating. It's true, as soon as I started laying down that color...everyone started claiming pieces. Even before they knew what it was going to have on it, or what it was going to look like!

Never have I experienced something like that. It was a much needed boost after my creative block...what a relief. And let me thank my mom for taking these pictures. :)

Time to get some pumpkin soup started. Til Next time - Leigh


  1. yes. an awesome night! I can't wait to do it again.

  2. Sorry I missed it! The pictures are great -- keep me posted for the next one please. :)

  3. Leigh, if there are any other pictures will you send them to me? Also... I am going to try photo-ing the tiny painting in my new light box! It will be my guinea pig. I'll send it to you if it comes out ok!