Thursday, December 25

Jon Carling @ Studio 27.28 Jan 3rd

Studio 27.28 is proud to present art by Jon Carling, a solo show, on January 3, 2009 from 6-9pm. Carling, based out of CA, graduated from Oakland CCA with a degree in illustration. Carling’s pen and ink illustrations range from ice cream cones shooting out of a freezer to owls, and dragons.

"I really don't limit myself to any particular subject matter or influence...I try and smash as many ideas into my work as possible...equally interpreting the way I saw life as a child and the way I see life today. Pen and ink is just what I have always done, its great because you don't pay much for supplies, and you can do it in bed."
~ Jon Carling

Carling is added to the list of many great artists that Studio 27.28 has shown from the west coast. He will be attending the art opening and will be available to answer your questions about his art, and maybe cheers a brewsky with you. For more information visit The Studio 27.28 is located on 2728 Girard Ave, Philadelphia (right around the corner from NorthStar bar, and down the street from the zoo.)

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