Thursday, December 11

Featured Store of the Week! Fun Wall Art

This week's featured store is Fun Wall Art, better known for trinket boxes. (Personally that's what stood out the first time I saw this shop)

Her boxes are very classy, and fun. The boxes range from Shabby Chic to Animal Prints and are only $25 each. Pictured is my favorite one, although I found it very hard to pick. To see it in the shop click here.

FunWallArt also has photo frames that are their unique style. Distressed and Classic looking, like this one

Here's a little something from FunWallArt:
When I was a little girl I used to flip thru my mothers family circle magazines looking for the newest crafting ideas then I would get to work.

I really love crafting and if I could I would spend almost every minute of every day doing it. I guess my family does have to eat and I suppose I should keep my house clean, not to mention work so this is not a reality for me.
The most fun for me is loving the end result of my efforts, but even better is when someone else loves it!

Til Next Time! - Leigh

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