Sunday, November 9


So Jonathan and I went food shopping today. Trader Joe's. Cool food store, everything is "healthy", there's always a long line, so we might not have seen the chocolate waiting to be bought in the impulsive shopper section.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not putting anyone down, we bought cranberry apple butter in that section today. The other week it was sesame sticks. YUM. Anyway, back to the point.

Jonathan pointed to chocolate and said, "Isn't that the chocolate you bought all the way over in Switzerland?" To my amazement/shock it was! I said "Oh man! It is.....and I paid a lot more than a $1.79 for it. Are you sure it's only a $1.79?" So...needless to say I should have bought chocolate that wasn't "pre-packaged" in Switzerland. I can buy it 10 minutes from my house!!

Lesson Learned.

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