Thursday, November 13

Featured Seller of the Week - Canoo!

This week is Canoo. There's been an "influx" of scary monsters popping up, but I think Canoo has mastered this art. This shop makes scary BUT CUTE little monsters at affordable prices ranging from $7 for magnets and $35 for the larger scary cutenesses.

Check this one out! And they re-purpose sweaters to make these little monsters. What a great idea! What a great gift for a little kid :)

Here's a little something from Canoo: I want you to love monsters! and I also want to make good use of cast-off, unwanted, perfectly good materials! It helps me keep my costs down, and it saves a little bit of stuff from winding up in a landfill. protect the environment - reduce, reuse, recycle, reinvent!

iIm happy to consider custom orders, including making monsters out of your own cast-off sweaters. please allow at least 2 weeks for completion. Free hand-drawn gift cards or monster story cards on request!

Lastly, here's my favorite in the shop. To see "Guy Hollerin" Click here

Til next time! - Leigh

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