Friday, November 28

Featured Etsy Store of the Week: Tacos N Eggrolls

Since it's Black Friday, I decided to post a featured shop today instead of yesterday. We're all in the shopping mode, so make sure to check out Tacos N Eggrolls shop!

To the left is her "Chiquita Skull Necklace" for $20! (I love this one) Tacos N Eggrolls make unique jewelry for all ages and at affordable prices $1-$45. You can't go wrong! Her designs really caught my eye, and I'm always on the look for something different.

Tacos N Eggrolls jewelry is affordable, hip, funky, charming, fun, exciting, colorful, bold, and cute. I don't think you should miss this shop! Click here to see more!

Here's a little something from Tacos N Eggrolls:
I started Tacos 'n' Eggrolls back in 2004, but I was making bags, jewelry and clothing with my boyfriend! We did plenty of shows together over three years, but then he got too busy with art school and I was left on my own.

It was then that I decided to keep it simple and concentrate on just jewelry. All of the above was just too much for one person. I sold in plenty of boutiques, but never thought to use the Etsy account I activated years ago. About two months ago I thought I'd give Etsy a Go and it has been really successful so far!

I never know how my jewelry will be received. I have a very unique sense of style when it comes to jewelry making. My favorite thing in the world is to play with colors, textures and shapes and mix them all about until something beautiful emerges. I've been told by many friends that I definitely march to the beat of my own drum and I guess after being on Etsy, there's a lot of other people out there marching right along with me. I really love creating jewelry to make statements and give people something to get excited about! I have fun and like to make people aware of it.

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