Monday, November 17

My Monday = Sunday

Since I've been working from home, Mondays feel like Sundays. They seem to be one of my most productive days at home. Today, I rearranged the back basement. It's full of boxes with office stuff in them, clothes still in trash bags, empty boxes from art being shipped to us, and a lot of other random things.

It took me 2 and 1/2 hours. I sorted, rearranged, and threw out objects and papers that weren't needed. It feels good and the back basement has never felt so large haha. I also sketched out some patterns for my newest work. I'm still sticking with into the depths as PART of the painting but I'm going to start incorporating patterns, like I just said. Or it could be inspiration from a doodle. I doodle when I'm on the phone, at church, or anytime I have a piece of paper in my hands. Along with a pen of course.

Don't worry, I'm still listening when I doodle. It actually helps me think! Here's some doodles from tonight.
Now it's time to finish up the mess I made in the other room from organizing. haha. and cook dinner....

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