Monday, November 3


I almost feel like I've had a creativity block. Between the gallery, openings, re-doing the gallery every month, sanding, painting walls, moving, and traveling...I have not had anytime to really think about painting.

I think this week I'm going to get moving on some new stuff. There's a few commissions I need to get done. And then on to small small canvases. 2.5"x3.5". Just thinking about it is getting me excited and that's what I need. I've been in a little funk with art. Hopefully soon, there won't be a funk and the days that I'm not working are the days that I'll be painting.

I also need to get together a schedule for myself. Living in Philly, and working from home have both gave my schedule a "shock". There's a newsletter I get from a business Coach, Phil Humbert. Every Sunday, which is a good day cause it's a day I can sit down and read an article, he sends out and article or two on business and keeping in line etc etc. This week was on a schedule! Perfect timing. He said to get into a normal routine, plan your day, plan what HAS to get done and you'll be more productive. That's what we all want, so why wouldn't you do that?

I'm going to start planning my day today, Monday. Maybe plan a day ahead, I'm not sure yet. Wish me luck. Believe it or not, the more organized I am, the more creative I am. It's like nothing else is clogging up my neurons and they trigger differently. So, today is organizing day. Then tomorrow and beyond is creative day! :)

Creatively Yours, Leigh

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