Wednesday, September 24

The Green Magazine

Last night was an exciting new venue. The Green Magazine hosted a golf outting and then had an art show (me and another artist, Serena Saunders) along with dinner, a raffle, and a great band.

I have to say this company knows what it's doing and were so nice. Jonathan and I "got lost". A few wrong turns, not too far out of the way, but we thought we were lost and we were only one or two lights from our next turn. Which is kind of funny. (now)

When I got there I was informed I had to do a little presentation of myself and my artwork. I had a little mini-anxiety attack but then I was told it was to be short and internally I had a sign of relief! It was odd giving a little presentation. Never though I would be in that sort of position. But the sponsor Axa Equity is big on art, I was told, so that was why they wanted us to talk a little bit. Other than the drive there, the night was great and thanks again to The Green Magazine, Jawn (who organized the event), Axa Equity, and all of the workers at Huntingdon Valley Golf Club.

I didn't bring my camera, so here's an ad for the night. Hopefully I'll get my hands on some photos later, they had a photographer walking around who was equally as excited about the night. Til next time - Artistically Yours, Leigh

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