Thursday, September 11

Golf Art Show

Monday someone from The Green Magazine contacted me to do an art show at a golf club. They're a golf magazine targeting affluent African Americans and Hispanics and want to show my dancer series after everyone plays golf.

That's pretty exciting. And they found me through google. (As I said before, the internet is an amazing thing....go ahead make fun of me!) I'm not sure if someone knew of me and told them or they just typed in dancers? Either way, very cool. Although, I just learned that I can only display on a table and not on the walls. That limits me to only one really large painting. I think I can make do...But, it's still going to be interesting. The thing that concerns me the most is someone might knock it over. Maybe I should put a sign up, knock it over, buy it! I'm sure I won't do that though.

Any exposure is good exposure. Maybe this will get me a few more fans and in contact with people who wouldn't normally look for my art. AND Maybe this will get me motivated to do some dancers again. I'm kind of danced out....painting wise. I have to think a little of where I want to take this series. Definitely high energy and exciting colors BUT what now? Stay Tuned.

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