Thursday, September 25

Today is the first of it's kind....a featured Etsy Store! I've decided to feature a store every Thursday. There are so many extremely talented people on etsy, and this was my only way to show them off to you!

This week is the store Leelinau. I found her by chance, she was looking for help resizing a banner. I helped her out and then looked at her store and couldn't resist buying a pair of her earrings!

I think I should have been smiling in the photo cause I am really happy to own these earrings.

From the Etsy Shop owner of Leelinau:

My name is Adina Cain and I run a shop on Etsy called "Leelinau." I'm an enrolled member of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. I grew up in Milwaukee and stayed on the reservation couple of summers in my youth. I create and sell my art, which is based upon the traditions of my culture. Anyhow, I started out as a beader. My gramma let me bead with her when I was little, and I got into it again when I was about 19. I got so many requests for my work I started selling it at Powwows all over Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. I actually had a Brick & Mortar shop in 1994 and 1995 called Woodlands & Prairies. Then I was introduced to the internet and I've never looked back. Now I sell my art on Etsy, even though I started on Ebay in 1998. I LOVE Etsy. Truly, its such a supportive, active, creative community.You meet the most wonderful people like Leigh! ^_^


  1. those earrings look like they were MADE for you!

  2. that's why i felt so compelled to buy them haha.

  3. Hi leigh!

    Those feather earrings DO look great on you.

    Thank you so much for all your help. Seriously, this poor laptop would have been toast if you hadn't helped me with that banner.