Sunday, September 28

October's First Saturday

As some of you know, Jonathan and I opened up an art gallery in June. We now have openings every first Saturday. Old City, in Philadelphia, does first Fridays. We knew we couldn't compete with that since it's over an hours walk, and about a 15 minute drive...I think it is anyway.

Jonathan books the shows. He's doing a great job at getting in artists that have never shown in Philly. We're the new venue that shows any type of genre. If you're a skater, an old skater, or a skater fan this is the show to attend.

We're showing artwork from skaters who defined skating. Although I pretend to be a skater with my long board, I'm terrible haha. And I never really knew the "history" of skating. Most of these guys have videos, which I'm sure you can find on youtube. "Get Excited" as Rachel from Rachel's Thread would say.

P.S. I designed the postcard. :)

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  1. I would SO be there
    if I lived in Philly.

    sweet flyer!!

    Best wishes .^_^.