Thursday, September 18

The Art of Being Silly

So I have this fun little book titled "The Art of Imperfection"

This morning I decided I would open up to a page and the 1st sentance I would write something about. It was the chapter "The Art of Being Silly" and the 1st paragraph reads:

Silly is the woman who feels a thrill each time she breaks open a fortune cookie.

The funny thing is, I had fortune cookies I just took pictures of on my phone. The top ones I ever opened. I admit, I'm a silly person and that little things in life thrill me. So, although I don't have much to write about on this subject (only b/c I'm working..and tired.) Here's a picture of the best fortune I ever opened.

And please....tell me what it means! hahaha. (I had to take it in two pictures, with my phone so bad quality but still funny.)
In case you can't read it, it's: Age can never hope to with you while your heart is young.

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