Tuesday, September 2

Labor (Day Weekend)

Although Labor Day is a day off of work....this Labor day Jonathan and I repainted the entire gallery. With a few cutting in exceptions. We did our fair share of labor. It was more a labor of love though.

All of it was in preparation for this weekend. Cassandra Warren from New Hampshire is showing at the gallery. Her art will be there all month, but SHE'LL be there on Sept 6th, from 6-9pm. And along for the ride is Eric De Jesus, fellow artist, and Carl Franke making tunes for us all night. (actually only until 9pm, not all night.)

So needless to say, the gallery is ready for your eyes to be looking in. Oh...and new curtains for the front. Exciting I know. Control Yourself!

Sorry about the photo....the colors are supposed to be tones of brown. I have no idea what happened when I uploaded it. But you get the point!

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