Monday, September 29

"Last Day"

Today is my last day of office the office. I'll be living an hour away from work and doing almost everything virtually. Pretty exciting and it says something that they want to keep me on board. What a relief!

3 days of guaranteed work, and now to find other freelance jobs. But back to today, hopefully it'll go really fast. I have a pile of things to mail out, and to file....from the boss. Not sure why they waited until today for me to do all of this. Oh well. Today should be good.

Soon, I'll be working from my home office. That's going to be weird. I think this blog, and Jonathan are going to be the only two things that keep me sane. Although, as I typed that I realized that was a completely bogus statement. I have art, I have friends, I found a yoga studio!, I'll be doing graphic design...all of that one top of getting organized. I'll have plenty to keep me sane.

Anyway - I guess I should get to work. haha. Til next time - Leigh


  1. well you can catch up on all the latest soap operas, game shows, and court tv while you're working from home . . . .