Sunday, September 14

Vegan Chinese Restaurants


We (me, Jonathan, Kevin and Alanna) went to Kingdom a vegan (AND Kosher) Chinese Restaurant tonight. Their food is excellent. I'm not a vegan, no one in our group is.. but it's REALLY good food. Some of them you couldn't tell it was fake chicken or beef. Kind of amazing actually.

We went Philly exploring too. Went to "The Thinker" statue, not the original, and ran the "Rocky Stairs" (I'm out of shape!), put our feet in the fountain dedicated to Erickson. I don't think there's a C in his name but...for now there is. It was just a really nice night.

So, if you're ever in Philly, or near it take the night and just experience it for what it is. Don't rush it. Enjoy the moment. Now, once I figure out how to get a picture from my phone on here..I'll post "The Thinker". Stay Tuned.

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