Saturday, September 20

Etsy on

Read the Article Here. I'm not sure how long CNN keeps their articles online. But this is cool. Here's the beginning of the article:

A crafty way to beat the chain stores
By Mark TuttonFor CNN

LONDON, England (CNN) --
We've become used to a world where what we buy is determined by what products are stocked by a handful of chain stores, but there are signs that may be changing. The future could be one of thriving cottage industries and skilled artisans lovingly producing custom-made wares.

That's the vision of Etsy, a U.S.-based Web site that describes itself as "an online crafts fair." But unlike your local Sunday-morning market, Etsy's crafts fair has some 200,000 stall holders, who have this year sold just under $50 million-worth of their homemade goods.

The site was conceived and launched in 2005 by Rob Kalin, a carpenter, among other things, who was looking for somewhere to sell his work online. At the time, the only real outlet was eBay, but Kalin was looking for something different, something that would provide a place for small-time artisans to sell their creations.

Don't forget, I'm selling my artwork on there. - Leigh